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The Art of Doing Nothing  _A critical appraisal of the as-is scenario I have been employed lately in the exclusive task of 'nothing currently'. That takes a lot. Its a serious task in hand. It pressurizes your pressure points, it develops your unskilled skills to build interests in any things. It is not easy,  it takes a deep understanding to understand the intense phenomenon of uselessness. It brings in your analytical abilities for assessing the critical situation of your judgement to choose the invariable and numerous tasks that can be foreseen in the  days of your 'nothing currently' period. I have been pretty busy  lately in the task of doing nothing. It has been fruitful . The most important is to understand where this task is to be carried on. Home..? nah..its too obvious this would be boring. The most important is when you are tied to a desk and a chair office. Certainly you develop an innate taste to all types of green teas (our place is full of ma

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